For under tanks, and open back shirts.  No ugly bra straps! Super cute!

Colette Racer Back Bralet

For under tanks, and open back shirts. No ugly bra straps!that's actually a pretty good idea.


"If you dream of camping under the stars or sleeping in a tent with all the luxuries, then Paperbark Camp is for you, simply the best" Jervis Bay, AUSTRALIA

love cowboy boots

Image detail for -. Pink (breast cancer awareness) Pink Cowboy Boots – Sock it to Me

Longhaired Weimaraner

Longhaired Weimaraner -- Beautiful dogs, I did rescue for Weims for 5 years, most awesome dogs ever!


The ones I bred and had for pets had blue, blue eyes. Paw Paw (the stud) had green eyes as seen in this photo. Nothing like a Bengal. Loves people, other children, babies and older people.


I'm told this is a Cockapoo. I'm not an animal person (thanks allergies), but this puppy is flippin' cute.

Women's Murrietta Boot - Soft Distressed Brown

Womens Murrietta Boot - Soft Distressed Brown, Oh to have long, slender legs and be able to wear boots like this. Unfortunately, I have thick ankles and muscular calves.