Plant lemongrass and rosemary in pots, containers or in flower beds on your balcony or in your garden to have a mosquito free summer! You can use them as herbs in cooking as well. Remember to brush them to release more of their fragrance before your outdoor activity.

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lantern house - I need to try this. Looks like so much fun!

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How to Start a Fairy Garden - Amanda Formaro, Crafts by Amanda

How to Start a Fairy Garden

Cut a hole in the seat of an old chair and place a pot of wave petunias. Another great chair idea. I am running out of chairs. Garage sales here I come!!!!

Shabby Chic ~ dans le jardin

Bahama Beach | Proven Winners

Bahama Beach


Supertunia® Picasso in Blue® - Petunia hybrid

How to Make Butterfly Nectar - Make a quick and simple butterfly nectar recipe to draw butterflies into your garden.

How to Make Butterfly Nectar

Perfect Edges for Your Beds and Borders | Fine Gardening

Perfect Edges for Your Beds and Borders

Weed Killer 1 gallon of vinegar, 1/2 cup of salt and a couple of squirts of dawn dish detergent... Kills weeds and grass in less than two hours, and it's safe for kids and pets and less than $5 I'm gonna try this!

Now You Can Pin It!: Homemade Weed Killer2

Peony Tulips.

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Pink Astilbe - Easy Care Perennial, grows under pine trees too

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Garden Art

Garden Glass Totems Craft Project | The Homestead Survival

Camilla Japonica: ideal for planting under pine trees. Acidic soil, part shade tolerant. Spring bloomer, evergreen.

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7 Simple Tips for Growing Lavender

7 Simple Tips for Growing Lavender -

Bring vivid color to your yard, even in dry climates, with drought-resistant plants.

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Do you have vegetable garden ideas but aren't sure where to start? Grow a healthy, beautiful vegetable garden with these free plans./

Vegetable Garden Plans

It can be tough finding a large selection of Asian vegetables and herbs in the grocery store. One vegetable garden idea: Grow your own produce with this easy and productive garden plan. Garden Size: 6 by 6 feet/

Vegetable Garden Plans

creative container gardening

Summer Planters

Mailbox Planting Plan: Plan a garden around your mailbox for an inviting and cheerful look./

Mailbox Garden

Flowers flowing from a container.

Container Gardening

Possible choices for shade planter

Mill Hollow Nursery Photo Gallery

a Garden Treasure Jar made withflat bottom marbles & jars, to give color to the garden

How To Make Garden Treasure Jars

Learn how to add whimsy to your garden to take away the boring blahs, and to make your garden a place people want to come back to!

15 Fabulous Ways To Add a Bit of Whimsy To Your Garden

Orioles in an Instant | Birds & Blooms: "You don't need a special feeder to invite orioles to your yard this spring. Just take an old suet cage feeder and fill it with oranges instead. The orioles will love this special treat!...Try putting grapes or berries in a suet feeder to see what feathered friends you can attract."

Birding | Birds & Blooms

Zinnias elegans 'Queen Red Lime'. A lovely zinnia with unusual red flowers with lime tips to each petal edge. Great for borders. Find out more about this zinnia at Photo by Jason Ingram.

Zinnia elegans 'Queen Red Lime' - Plants -