Way too excited about this #valkyrie piece I get to do soon by jillian_wefald

Way too excited about this piece I get to do soon by jillian_wefald, This is amazing, maybe the axe replaced with a sword and a raven on the bottom left ^^

become a fighter.... (well train to become one)

I A great stress buster. am in love with my heavy bag. It is illegal to beat the fuck out of someone but perfectly allowable to punch the hell out of a heavy bag.who you imagine to be your current problem :)

"I Train To Be The Best In The World On My Worst Day" - Ronda Rousey : if you love #MMA, you will love the #MixedMartialArts and #UFC inspired designs at CageCult: http://cagecult.com/mma

"I train to be the best in the world on my worst day" - Ronda Rousey

Anderson Silva - Probably one of the best all round fighters!

I always thought that Curley was a guy who always wanted to fight. He acted all big and bad when he got offended. He was always a guy who wanted to start fights and in the end he would always find out who was really going to get beat up

(99+) ronda rousey | Tumblr

Ahead of UFC 190 this weekend, seems appropriate to share some new work rolling out of Ronda Rousey for the UFC & Reebok. Shot during our marathon shoot in NYC, here are three of my favorite images of.

Meet the cast of The Ultimate Fighter 20 | FOX Sports

Meet the cast of The Ultimate Fighter

Felice Herrig - Cast of The Ultimate Fighter 20 : Shop at CageCult for original…

Top 10 Female Mixed Martial Artists - Miesha Tate miesha-tate Tate is the only woman to ever win a Strikeforce tournament, and is a former Strikeforce women’s champion as well. She has won thirteen MMA bouts, and a silver medal in a world grappling competition. She also appears in a documentary about the sport called Fight Life. Read more: http://www.toptenz.net/top-10-female-mixed-martial-artists.php#ixzz2ThYSHfHF

Top 10 Female Mixed Martial Artists (MMA Female Fighters)

Kocosports Daily Knockout – The Hottest Women in Sports & Fitness – – (Miesha 'Cupcake' Tate)

Cat Zingano.

When Cat Zingano walked from the locker room to the Octagon for her UFC debut against Miesha Tate in April of it was one of those great moments in the sport that had nothing to do with what.