Rainbows of a different kind...........

a slash of color in our lives
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Rainbow Fruit Skewers

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7 Ways To Eat Rainbows! You can have your rainbow and eat it! Here are seven amazing ways to combine two of the most fantastic things in the world - food, and rainbows! [[MORE]]

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Beach Rainbow - Bamburgh, England a rainbow over to me one of the most beautiful beaches in England, and the castle in the background, is perfect M

At the beach....

Colorful Beach Chair Resting on the Sand During the Gorgeous Sunset. I need a beach chair for next summer

wow, amazing!!

Dexia Tower, Rainbow Building in Brussels, 145 m, illuminated with LEDs. Astrogeographic position: in the highly imaginative water, mystic water sign Pisces indicator for the illumination during nighttime and in the earth sign Capricorn for field level

Colourful building

Neals Yard in London's Covent Garden is one of the most colorful places in the city. It has great shops and restaurants, too.