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"Every knee shall bow". I LOVE this! Jesus is the reason for the season.This is my all time favorite Christmas picture.

Vintage Christmas Card

Don't we all wish we could accompany these children in their walk in this magical Christmas forest? This image beautifully conveys the wonder and beauty that children, as we all should, find at Christmas.

Vintage Santa Card

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Christmas :)

And Behold our Savior was Born in the Town of Bethlehem on Christmas Day. This is the reason we celebrate Christmas. The ONLY reason.

Three Wise Men

This star was no natural astronomical phenomenon; nor was it sent by God. Clearly, Satan used that supernatural manifestation as part of his wicked design to destroy Jesus.

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The Christmas Story: The Birth of Jesus Wallpapers :An Angel Visits Mary - Nativity scene Art illustraion Wallpaper Wallpaper

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Vintage Christmas Ads

Coca-Cola is often credited for creating the image of the modern Santa Claus as an old, jolly and fat man in a red and white suit. Coca-Cola did invent the red-and-white jolly Santa during the the illustration done by Haddon Sundblom.