What is Dowsing?: The pendulum is used as a dowsing tool. Professional dowsers use mostly metal or wood dowsing pendulums, as compared to popular crystal ones. Dowsing helps access information from deeper levels of one's intuitive mind.

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Lillian Too's Feng Shui Space Clearing Kit has a book which explains in simple terms how to purify your living space and have all things needed for the space clearing ritual.

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Clear the Negative Energy from Your Home With Feng Shui: Choose a spot for the feng shui space clearing altar, on which you will place all the space clearing tools. This can be your dining table or something similar with easy access to it. A flower bowl, candles and incense are usually placed on your space clearing altar.

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Feng Shui in Spring: Infuse Your Home with the Energy of Renewal: Find some time alone to do the clutter clearing, do some space clearing, too. Bring fresh flowering plants into your space for good feng shui.

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Smudge Your House and Clear Away the Bad Energy in 5 Easy Steps: Do not be intimidated by the idea of smudging! If you follow a few simple steps, you might actually enjoy smudging your house. The shift in the energy, as well as the pleasant scent of sage, cedar and lavender are calming and purifying.

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Clear the Negative Energy from Your Home With Feng Shui: Use smart feng shui energy insights to create an enjoyable space clearing session. If you love and enjoy it, you will sure make a habit of it; this will be excellent feng shui for both you and your house!

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