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    Bar Keepers Friend
    Bar Keepers Friend
    Bar Keepers Friend

    Bar Keepers Friend

    Barkeepers Friend is a premium household cleanser. The BKF powder was was invented in 1882 and is manufactured in Indianapolis, IN.

    How to Clean the Bottom of a Pot or Pan! Useful Kitchen Cooking Ware Cleaning Tips (Clean My Space) - YouTube

    Remove hair dye from sinks and countertops with Bar Keepers Friend.

    Remove rust from vintage furniture pieces with Bar Keepers Friend.

    Not all is lost. These survived outside in the elements for a few years. Bar Keepers Friend brought them back to life.

    Bar Keepers Friend cleans the utility sink. You can't even tell it was covered in paint .

    Gorgeous brass door handles, with a little love from Bar Keepers Friend.

    Gorgeous brass ornaments shined and cleaned by Bar Keepers Friend.

    Brass/copper bowl cleaned up by Bar Keepers Friend

    Bar Keepers Friend on brass dresser hardware pieces.

    Bar Keepers Friend on a brass/copper ship lantern.

    Who knew these door handles were this gorgeous underneath. Bar Keepers Friend does it again.

    Bar Keepers Friend cleans up an old utility sink.

    Bar Keepers Friend works great removing tarnish from brass and copper hardware.

    Bar Keepers Friend restores an vintage sink.

    Bar Keepers Friend removes rust, lime, mineral deposits and hard water stains toilet bowls.

    Bar Keepers Friend tackles a popcorn maker. WOW!!

    Bar Keepers Friend will put the shine to drum cymbals.

    Bar Keepers Friend cleans up an antique waffle iron. WOW

    How to get your sink bright white again! This one really works...can't believe I've been living with my sink stains, this is so easy!

    How to get your sink bright white again! This one really works...can't believe I've been living with my sink stains, this is so easy!

    Here's such a dramatic difference between the before and after pictures from a reader, Dayna's vintage sink. And do you know who helped her figure out

    This stuff is better than comet, and it doesn't scratch. I use it to clean everything including the glass on my gas stove. Walla! It's clean.

    How to get rust off a stainless grill: use Bar Keepers Friend

    This article provides a step-by-step tutorial for how she took a chair covered in rust and removed all the rust and polished the chrome - awesome cleaning tip!

    Cleaning stains off enamel coated dutch oven: La Creuset recommends: 1 part Tide, 3 parts water. Bring to a boil for 5 minutes (this makes the house smell lovely too!) Wash with soap and water. Dry and then use a dry cloth dipped in white vinegar to buff. Vinegar brings back the sheen on enamel.

    How to Clean Silverware Marks from your Corelle Corning Ware Dishes by Posed Perfection. Restore the beauty of vintage Corelle with a cleaning agent from 1882. #dishes #cleaningtip #corelle

    This is a great solution for ink stains on an off-white laminate counter top. Remove stains in only minutes using Bar Keeper's Friend.

    Vintage Pyrex! How to clean up ruined/scratched pieces! My Primary Yellow 404 Before and After!

    House of Hawthornes: Vintage Enamel Top Table - Part 2 (Or Mr. Chippy Gets A Makeover) Bar Keepers Friend LIKE COMET BUT DOESN'T SCRATCH

    How To Clean Your Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink - Mom 4 Real | I LOVE Bar Keepers Friend! It is great on porcelain tubs too!

    Use Bar Keepers Friend to remove scratches from dinner plates. Just look at this!!

    Bar Keepers Friend will remove rust from stainless steel knives.