Bar Keepers Friend
Bar Keepers Friend
Bar Keepers Friend

Bar Keepers Friend

Barkeepers Friend is a premium household cleanser. The product was invented in 1882 and is manufactured in Indianapolis, IN.

Etched fish tank, Bar Keepers Friend

Use Bar Keepers Friend to clean dirty Pyrex.

Use Bar Keepers Friend to help keep your dishes, sink, and cookware looking like new.

I have been scrubbing my shower door's hard water stains with no results. The web said to try Lemon Pledge or Bar Keeper's Friend. I tried the Pledge first and it didn't seem to work, so I tried the Barkeeper's friend on the same spot and a little more. The area where I used both is now spotless. Yay! Pledge first, scrub, wipe off. Bar Keepers friend on a moist scrubber, scrub, rinse. Easy!

How to remove rust! You WILL NOT believe this! Secret use Bar Keeper's Friend- make a paste and rub it off.

How to Clean Dirty Grout - I've been going through my nesting phase for a few days now and the one thing that's had me on my hands and knees begging mercy are my kitchen floors. The tile grout has been the thorn in my side since we moved in no matter how much I mop the floors. I came across this post and I'm going to try it! I'll keep you posted.

Bar Keepers Friend is great for restoration projects. Check it out!

A picture is worth a thousand words. Bar Keepers Friend restores an antique sink.

Bar Keepers Friend is great at restoring old sinks. Give it a try.

We receive letters quite often from our fans raving about our products. We have to share them with you. Donna loves that Bar Keepers Friend makes cleaning and restoring her copper clad cookware a breeze.

Bar Keepers Friend and brass/copper go hand and hand.

Bar Keepers Friend will remove rust from stainless steel grills.

Clean brass and copper hardware with Bar Keepers Friend

Bar Keepers Friend cleans these antique salt and pepper shakers to look nearly new.

Bar Keepers Friend on copper bottome cookware. Look at these results.

How to make your stainless steel cookware sparkle with Bar Keepers Friend