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iOS 7's native app icons embrace a flat design, breaking Apple's old habit of skeuomorphism. The result: simplistic icons with a vivid color palette.

iOS 7 vs iOS 6 Icon Comparison Chart [Infographic] - The Wired Homeschool

first apple computer

Hand-made Apple I fetches at Sothebys auction things-i-don-t-need-but-still-want

American Icons: Apple Computer

The second Apple Computer logo, as created in with the rainbow color theme, used by Apple until

apple computer - macintosh 1984

So, technically, I was in jr. high school when we got our first computer.this awesome Macintosh.

1984 - Macintosh. Oh yea. The first Mac looked REAL simple.

Apple Macintosh Computer, 1984 This was my first computer. Very revolutionary in its day.

Apple Macintosh SE (20MB hard drive) - my high school graduation gift from my parents. Thanks, Mom & Dad!

The Mac SE was the first of the new generation compact Macs and featured a whole host of improvements over the Mac Plus.

My first computer came from Sham Shui Po and it was an Apple II. Of course, it was fake in those days...

The Apple II was designed and built by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak by the end of It was the first mass-marketed personal computer. The Apple II was a single-board computer like the Apple I,.