Body Painting by Craig Tracy

Beautiful body paintings with Egyptian theme in the body of a girls body. Watch bodyart paintings of Egyptian Girl Egypt Theme.


Ancient Egyptian Temple "Medinet Habu", Luxor, Egypt - hieroglypic carvings on the temple building of Hathor, the Egyptian Goddess of love and joy, & the wife of Horus

Egyptian styles...

Is it weird that I think Egyptian women are pretty much the most beautiful people ever? Not to mention their kick ass style. In another life, I'd love to experience that type of lifestyle.

i love goooooold

Practicing our best moves House of Style Golden eyes Outshining the disco ball Confetti everywhere Epic dance parties Glitter kisses Festive nail art Dark crystals Keeping it weird


Ancient Egyptian: Nefertiti of the New Kingdom, Flat Crown and Uraeus; also wearing a beaded collar.


eye of ra eye of horus all seeing eye tattoos eye of ra tattoo Tattoos are all about expressing yourself in your own way. Egyptian "eye of R.