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Art prints and posters that feature African-American imagery and Christian themes.

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Black Christian Art

Black Christian Art

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"Three Girls Praying" by Pam McCabe. I always though this popular religious ethnic art print was just...precious. I always wondered why a male version wasn't made as well as a complimentary piece.

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"Every Round Goes Higher" by Larry "Poncho" Brown from Baltimore, MD. This image was created for the Douglass Memorial Community Church Inspirational Choir in 2008. Another great piece of African-American artwork by Poncho. This limited edition is now available in our New Releases section.

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  • Michael J. Hicks
    Michael J. Hicks


"Merciful" by Steve Parsons. This piece is a member of our Black Jesus Art Collection. It is currently available as an Open Edition art print.

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One of my favorite Open Edition art prints by Fred Mathews. This one is entitled "I Hear You Lord". It is available in our Fred Mathews Art Gallery for $36.00.

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"Giving Praise" and "Giving Thanks" by California's own Kenneth Gatewood. $35.00 for the set!

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"Restored" by Edwin Lester. Speaks volumes. View his artwork in our Edwin Lester Art Gallery. This particular piece is $180.00.

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  • Marlene Hayward
    Marlene Hayward

    Love This...

  • William Thibeaux
    William Thibeaux

    I love this true meaning of man and woman.

  • Sherri Barnes
    Sherri Barnes

    Speaks volumes

  • OakCliff Trucker
    OakCliff Trucker

    The Original Order

  • Samia Elliott
    Samia Elliott

    Yes!!! I love this I MUST PIN IT!!!

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A new release by Johnny Myers entitled "This Far By Faith (Male)". Now he looks like he knows the source of his strength.

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Wow. This is phenomenal work of art by Thomas Blackshear in my humble opinion. It is entitled "Preparing to Sound the Alarm". On sale now for $175.00.

Preparing to Sound the Alarm by Thomas Blackshear
  • Nancy Cupp
    Nancy Cupp

    very well done!

Restoration (Female) by Edwin Lester. This is probably my favorite art print by the talented Edwin Lester.

Edwin Lester Art Gallery | The Black Art Depot
  • Erica Williams-Arevalo
    Erica Williams-Arevalo

    This took my breathe away...another great choice. Thanks for sharing

  • Marlene Hayward
    Marlene Hayward

    Quite Emotional Piece!

  • Josh

    Wow this is really cool.

  • 🔷 Lola's World 🔷 *
    🔷 Lola's World 🔷 *


  • african art collector magazine
    african art collector magazine

    Nice one:)

"And God Saw" by Kent L. Drake. Being that it's Holy Saturday and Easter Weekend this print came to my mind. It's my favorite art print of Jesus being crucified. This one retails for $40.00.

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"Peter Walking on Water" by Katherine Roundtree. A beautiful visual interpretation of this famous story in the Holy Bible. Available now for $32.00.

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"Holy Ghost" by Annie Lee. I've always loved this one. This art print retails for $48.00.

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  • Marlene Hayward
    Marlene Hayward

    Something to shout about!