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Japanese Maples

Japanese maples are some of the most beautiful trees for the landscape and there are hundreds of varieties. Here are some of the best. #maples #japanese #japanesemaples #trees #landscape
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Japanese Maple Trees for Your Yard

Aconitifolium Japanese Maple I have this one in my yard! It's known as Full Moon Maple. The leaves come out yellow, turn chartreuse for most of the season and then bright yellow and orange in the fall. Huge leaves that make you look at them twice:)


Acer palmatum ' Coral Pink ' Spring Pink Japanese Maple Tree


Acer palmatum ' Shishio Improved ' Japanese Maple Tree

Acer palmatum ' Shishio Improved ' Great Spring Pink Japanese Maple Tree. We love the contrasting colors from new to older leaves throughout the seasons. A must have for any garden needing some warm p