Tim Burton-esque Pokemon. *http://www.pinterest.com/idahay/character-design/

Tim Burton-esque Pokemon<-- damn imagine if they actually looked like that.

Colorful Pikachu

Nothing says Pokémon like a pikachu!

This is an 11X17 glossy poster print. - Please note that the colors you see on your monitor may slightly vary with the actual print. -

Space Blue Dog Alien Surfing - Free USA Shipping

Stitch Lilo y Stitch USA envío gratis por RanelynnGraphics en Etsy

Artist: Itsbirdy | Pikachu | Stitch OH MY... this.. this is adorable... * . * <3

Stitch AND Pikachu! I love pokemon and the stitch and not alot of people can draw 2 different characters from movies or tv shows together.

Kirishima Touka

Kirishima Touka :v

Ash Ketchum and Pikachu ^.^ ♡ I give good credit to whoever made this

Pokémon - Ash and Pikachu

Os Personagens Amarelos da Ficção http://wnli.st/1FDQw5t

Favor this if you are a Pikachu Fan :)

Tokyo Ghoul | Toukyou Kushu - Kirishima Touka

Tokyo Ghoul Touka and Kaneki Cool Backgrounds with ID on Anime category in HD Wallpaper Backgrounds. Tokyo Ghoul Touka and Kaneki Cool Backgrounds is one from many Best HD Wallpapers on Anime category in HD Wallpaper Backgrounds.

Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki

Kaneki Ken looking badass


When Toothless And Stitch Have Sleepovers, They Dress Up As Each Other

Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon in a Stitch costume! And Stitch in a Toothless costume!

Kaneki Ken - Tokyo Ghoul

Anime no tan bueno como el Manga.

Tokyo Kushu, Kirishima Touka, Asymmetrical Bangs, Sleeveless Dress, Kagune

Touka Kirishima / Tokyo Ghoul This is crazily beautiful!

Day 6: I wouldn't say he is an animal but, He is so adorable and he is my favorite alien/animal from Disney!

Stitch -The most adorable alien ever!

Uta, Itori, and Yomo - Tokyo Ghoul

Uta, Itori, and Yomo. Not gonna use them as much as the other characters but

Pikachu gets some colour! Reading direction: First right top till right bottom, then left top till left botttom.

Coloring pikachu (top-to-bottom, right-to-left)