Dorian's Quarterback

A novel by Mary Taylor
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Dorian’s Quarterback
KIRKUS REVIEW of Dorian's Quarterback by Mary Taylor Cassandra Clare, Coming Of Age, England, First Novel, New England, Book Review
KIRKUS REVIEWS Dorian's Quarterback April 12.2022
Kirkus Review of Mary Taylor's Dorian's Quarterback
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Male Beauty in Art
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Go Sailing, Get Inspired
Pastel drawing Toby's face. A main character in Dorian's Quarterback. Books, Dark, The Darkness, Darkness, Emotions
Toby Enters the Darkness
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19 Totally Magical Libraries To Visit Before You Die
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Where to Go Sailing | Newport, RI
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Dorian’s Quarterback: Editorial Review
An affecting Proustian realist novel about childhood emotional development, Mary Taylor’s Dorian’s Quarterback is an accomplished rumination on the impact of sense memories and the nature of time.
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An entry from American Gentility
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Close your eyes and dream of England