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Vivienne Westwood Nano Solitaire Earrings at Urban Outfitters

Vivienne Westwood Nano Solitaire Earrings at Urban Outfitters

post apocalyptic giant hood for keeping out radioactive bats

queerhairyvag: Little Dark Riding Hood her skin as Black as her coat Come to slay the Big Bad Blanched Wolf warm winter, we need warm coat ,so mordern down coat, my best loved moncler.

Post apocalyptic clothes ftw

Cyberpunk, Future, Dark Fashion, Nicholas K Fall 2012 Lennon Jacket (Graphite) Ringo Sweat (Granite) Dune Hoody (Graphite) Cole Pant (Granite) Brando Pack (Mink)

Post-Apocalyptic Fashion

The Kingdom of Heaven is within you, and whomever shall know himself shall find it. -Egyptian Proverb handmade kniting jewelry, bag decor and boho flowers


I thought about putting gloves on my model but this looks amazing - as the darkness is taking over this girl. I especially love the matte black darkness of it and the long nails.


“The mentally ill frighten and embarrass us. And so we marginalize the people who most need our acceptance. What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candor, more unashamed conversation.