How To: Waterless Water Marble

Watercolor / Marble Nail Polish -- so easy! You just need several colors of nail polish and a sandwich bag.


A half-moon and gradient the gradient color combo.idk about the half moon

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doubt i'll find anyone on Cape Cod who can do this...

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Blue nail art

Explosion mani with OPI Absolutely Alice for design on top of Wet 'n Wild Blue Moon with a matte topcoat afterwards*

Prom Nails: 15 Ideas For Your Perfect Manicure | Beauty High

Prom Nails: 15 Ideas For Your Perfect Manicure

easy way to marble your nails!

Dry Water Marble Nail Tutorial - I really want to try this but it seems like such a waste of polish. But then again, so does the water marble technique and I am dying to do that!

ombre nails

20 Simple Nail Designs for Beginners

inspiration : ombre nailpolish Great as nails - How To: Color Transitions; - Paint your nail a solid color - Place two colors next to each other and blend in the center with a toothpick - Using a sponge, press the polish onto it - Dab onto and let dry


DIY, nails, nail polish, design, cosmetics different color pattern but cool