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    Kiddos :)

    Kiddos :)

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    Hanging Bedside Organizer

    50 Clever DIY Storage Ideas to Organize Kids' Rooms - DIY & Crafts

    OMG!!! It isn't just me?!?!?

    Mommy Mia Monologues: Daily Mom Humor

    40 Bible Verses to Calm an Anxious Heart

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    I know I'm not the only one with this problem!!!

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    Champaign-Urbana Area Summer Camp Guide 2015

    Champaign-Urbana Area Summer Camp Guide


    Post by 2schaa on Boldomatic


    Funny Pictures Of The Day - 82 Pics

    This is how I learned my multiplication facts and still use it to this day!!- cool finger trick to remember any multiplication fact for 6-10

    Swedish Classroom Fun: Russian multiplication


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    Love This!

    Quotes That Make Me Happy - Today's the Best Day


    Wal-Mart People Never Disappoint

    :) haha

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    For Serious!

    The Funniest Tweets From Parents This Week

    I totally agree!

    Happy Hour Humor 57 | Hampton Roads Happy Hour

    And they sure are. :)

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    OMG!! So Funny!

    29 Parents Who Are Clearly Way Better At Texting Than Their Kids

    I love them and thank God for them! But this is funny :)

    'My Kids Are' Box Sign | zulily

    Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino - why do I pay $3.50 for this? Its just a half glass of nonfat milk. 3 spoon fulls of Chocolate syrup and 3 spoon fulls of chocolate chips. And don't forget to had a little vanilla and ice and then blend. Source: Starbucks Barista

    Free Starbucks Secret Recipes

    No Privacy...ever! #totallyworthit

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    VW Bus Wagon for a kid! OMG!!!! this is the cutest i want one!!!!!

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    Great Protein Breakfast for Kids!

    Oh So Delicioso: Protein Breakfast - Gym Gab


    Funny Pictures Of The Day - 87 Pics

    2 bananas ½ pear, cored and peeled ½ pineapple, cored and peeled 1 ½ cup fresh spinach ¼ cup orange juice 2 tablespoons lemon juice

    Sneak Your Kids Spinach With These Yummy Green Popsicles