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This is a wish you can make for the 48 hours going up to the Full Moon, and the 48 hours following, but tonight it will be its most potent.  At the stroke of midnight, hold up your empty wallet or purse and turn north, east, south, and then west, each time saying, "I see the Moon and the Moon sees me. My wish is for the Moon to fill me."  You can also do this for matters of the heart, by placing your hands across your heart each time you turn direction and make your wish.

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Mödernaked - Sugar Lupe Ring. // Exclusive Jewellery

Mödernaked is a lifestyle and accessories brand handcrafted in Spain inspired by the Mediterranean living. Mödernaked is artistry.

Amo assolutamente amo!

Funny pictures about Men photographed in stereotypical pin-up poses. Oh, and cool pics about Men photographed in stereotypical pin-up poses. Also, Men photographed in stereotypical pin-up poses.

I can see this being a text between my dad and me. (Although I could probably handle a text would be about a beetle or spider)


T-Rex Tiny Arms. Poor Dino D:. oh my, thats funny! Yeah, and you ab-so-lu-tel-ly NEVER saw this anywhere else before right? take my red pinkie bro dinosaur t rex happy fuuuuuu