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House of Burke: Gameschooling with University Games Games For Kids, Activities For Kids, Crafts For Kids, Charades Game, It Game, Quality Time, Homeschool, University, Gift Ideas

Gameschooling with University Games

If you've been following us for awhile now, you know that we are homeschoolers! Although we've been homeschooling for the past 3 years, we are always changing, adding new things in, and switching everything around to accommodate our little learners. Recently, we stumbled upon "gameschooling". (If you want to learn more, head over to our very favorite gameschooling blog - fellow New Hampshire homeschoolers: My Little Poppies - seriously you could get lost over there for DAYS!) Our kiddos love…

House of Burke: Human Body Activities for Preschoolers Mother Goose Time, Human Body Activities, Paper Bag Puppets, Toddler Books, Literacy Activities, Shape Design, Nice Body, Small Groups, Homeschool

Human Body Activities for Preschoolers

We are studying the human body for the next 2 months in our homeschool, so when I saw that this month's Mother Goose Time theme was My Amazing Body, I was beyond psyched. We pretty much study the human body every year over here because my kids just LOVE it. It's fascinating! It's also one of those broad topics that you can easily adapt for multiple age ranges. I have anatomy books for toddlers all the way up to adults over here! Now that my little nephew is 2, we are including him in our MGT…

House of Burke: Science Curriculum Using The Curious Kid's Science Book Science Topics, Science Curriculum, Science Books, Science For Kids, Science Experiments, Hands On Activities, Learning Activities, Curious Kids, Business For Kids

K-2 Science Curriculum Using The Curious Kid's Science Book

Science is our favorite subject over here! If you ask my kids what they like best, that pretty much always wins out. I love planning epic science unit studies for the kids that are adapted for both of their levels. This year, I wasn't quite ready to jump into purchasing a science curriculum for our homeschool. I felt like a lot of curriculum I looked at had either a lot of things we had already done or didn't focus on enough topics throughout the year. Instead of risking purchasing a…

House of Burke: Recycled Paper Activity for Preschoolers – House of Burke – art therapy activities Educational Activities For Kids, Art Therapy Activities, Hands On Activities, Learning Activities, Preschool Activities, Preschool Crafts, Crafts For Kids, Mother Goose Time, Tot School

Recycled Paper Activity for Preschoolers

Making homemade paper is something I've always wanted to try. So much so, that last year I asked my husband, a contractor by trade, to keep his eyes open for any old screens he came across. I've been holding onto these for awhile now, so when I saw that Mother Goose Time had paper making for the Create activity for Recycle day, I was all over it! (Affiliate links below) It was a beautiful day, so I took Bentley out on the deck and set out our materials. Making paper is so simple, that your…

House of Burke: Upcycle Art for Preschoolers Preschool Classroom, Preschool Art, Art Activities For Kids, Preschool Activities, Mother Goose Time, Importance Of Art, Tot School, Business For Kids, Early Childhood

Upcycle Art for Preschoolers

Our second day of our Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle unit study, focused on the concept "reuse". Creating with recyclables is so much fun for kids, and Mother Goose Time didn't disappoint with their Create activity of the day. Bentley was provided with the Inspiration Photo which was a picture of a man made out of trash. There were all different kinds of recycled items that went into making this creation, and I used this opportunity for one of the discussion prompts given in the Teacher Guide…

House of Burke: Saving Water Fine Motor Experiment Fine Motor Activities For Kids, Water Activities, Learning Resources, Kids Learning, Mother Goose Time, Put Things Into Perspective, Tot School, Sensory Bins, Save Water

Saving Water Fine Motor Experiment

Water conservation is one of the most kid friendly examples of reducing that you can teach. Bentley and I had a rare afternoon alone this week, and I was able to really focus in with him and have some meaningful discussions about our unit study - Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Mother Goose Time had some great activities planned for this day, but our favorite was the "Save Water" play dough Investigation Station. I just love MGT's Investigation Station's because they allow a hands on way for…

House of Burke: Reduce Reuse and Recycle Preschool Unit Study Reduce Reuse, Reuse Recycle, Recycling, The Three Rs, Gail Gibbons, Recycled House, Earth Book, Green Living Tips, Business For Kids

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Preschool Unit Study

One of the things that I absolutely love about Mother Goose Time is how versatile it is. This month's theme is Superheroes. Each week there is a subtopic which is broken down further into daily topics. While each of these daily topics go well with the overall theme, they can also stand alone! Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle were three days that stuck out to me this month. We decided to do a week long unit study based on just these days. The best thing about MGT is that you can work at your own…

House of Burke: Word Fishing Mother Goose Time, Creative Activities For Kids, Third Grade Reading, Just Pretend, Different Words, Camping Theme, Letter Recognition, Reading Levels, Tot School

Word Fishing

My kids are fish whisperers. They have had a rod in their hands since they could walk. My husband takes them fishing constantly, and it's one of their things. Going fishing with daddy is the ultimate bonding experience, and they always come home with wonderful stories of the fish they caught and the animals they saw at the lake/river/pond etc. When I saw that their was a Fishing subtopic in my Mother Goose Time Teacher's Guide for our Camping theme, I knew they were just going to love it…

House of Burke: Canoe STEM Challenge Steam Activities, Summer Activities, Stem Steam, Stem Challenges, Science Classroom, Activity Ideas, Canoe, Frugal, Cool Kids

Canoe STEM Challenge

We have been loving this month's Mother Goose Time theme, Camping! There have been some really fun topics every day, but our favorite this week was Day 17: Canoe. We did three out of the four activities, and the boys were so engaged in each one. We actually did our activities backwards. One of the things I love about this curriculum is how versatile it is. Even though it is all planned out for you, it is still flexible. You don't have to follow everything in order. You can pick and choose…

House of Burke: Camping Books for Kids Time Activities, Summer Activities For Kids, Holiday Activities, Summer Kids, Learning Activities, Kids Learning, Camping With Kids, Go Camping, Mother Goose Time

Camping Books for Kids

One of the things I love most about homeschooling is finding amazing books that tie into whatever we are learning about. In the past, I would spend hours on Amazon and on the library catalog searching for books that fit our current topic. When I signed on to work with Mother Goose Time, I had no idea how amazing their monthly book choices would be, and just how EASY it would make our library trips! Every month inside of the Teacher Guide, there are "suggested stories". Each day there is a…

House of Burke: Easy Campfire Snack for Kids Kids Learning Activities, Summer Activities For Kids, Holiday Activities, Summer Kids, Crafts For Kids, Campfire Snacks, Team Snacks, Welcome To The Family, Cub Scouts

Easy Campfire Snack for Kids

This month, our Mother Goose Time theme is CAMPING! This is so exciting for us, because we love camping. Not only that, but we have a camping trip planned for right after this theme ends. It couldn't be more perfect. This week, we explored At The Campsite. The topics for this week were awesome! So much so, that we may try to extend this week a little bit. This week's topics were: Backpack, Tent, Sleeping Bag, Campfire, and Guitar. One of our favorite activities that we did this week was this…

House of Burke: Simple Surfboard Craft Surfboard Craft, Mother Goose Time, Crickets, Luau, Spiders, Butcher Block Cutting Board, No Time For Me, Art Projects, Diys

Simple Surfboard Craft

This months theme from Mother Goose Time, Alphabet Island, has been such a fabulous summertime theme to explore! We have learned about everything from boats, the beach, island exploration, and more. This week, we explored Island Fun. Our days were broken up into: Luau, Island Dancing, Surfing, Island Music, and Sunset. With the excitement of movies like Moana that have recently come out, this was really perfect! My kids really enjoyed every aspect of this week, but this fun surfboard craft…

House of Burke: Sunscreen Experiment Childcare Activities, Preschool Science Activities, Classroom Activities, Learning Activities, Kids Learning, Activities For Kids, Mother Goose Time, Just Like Candy, Science Experiments For Preschoolers

Sunscreen Experiment

We are pretty serious about our skincare in this house. We only use products on the kids that rate a 0 or 1 on the EWG Skin Deep database, and with two out of three of our kids being fair skinned, good quality sunscreen is an important thing for us. The Sunscreen day of our Alphabet Island theme from Mother Goose Time was spot on! There was a sunscreen science experiment, an open ended sunscreen art project, lotion writing bags, and a sun protection game. Bentley chose to start the day off…

Sand Castle Invitation to Create Summer Activities For Kids, Summer Kids, Preschool Activities, Crafts For Kids, Arts And Crafts, Sand Crafts, Boredom Busters, Activity Ideas, Business For Kids

Sand Castle Invitation to Create

This week as part of the Alphabet Island theme in our Mother Goose Time curriculum, we are focusing on the topic At the Beach. The days for this topic are broken up into: Crab, Sand Castles, Shells, Sunglasses, and Sunscreen. Today we studied sand castles. The boys love building sand castles (who doesn't?!), so they were excited to dive into the activities. We started the morning off by reading The Sand Castle Contest by Robert Munsch. The kids really liked it, and as we were sitting down to…

Tinfoil Boat Design (with Mother Goose Time! Sensory Activities, Activities For Kids, Crafts For Kids, Mother Goose Time, Boat Design, Business For Kids, Babysitting, Vehicle, Summer

Tinfoil Boat Design (with Mother Goose Time!)

Have you ever heard of Mother Goose Time? I stumbled across MGT when I was searching for an all inclusive preschool curriculum for Bentley. With Kingston progressing from preschool - 1st grade within a year and a half span, it seemed like all of my focus was being given to him and that Benny wasn't being challenged enough. I was desperate for something that was full of amazing learning activities, but didn't require me to have to plan an entire second curriculum out. Who knew that the…

100 Fine Motor Ideas is a wonderful resource for parents, teachers and therapists seeking fun activities for kids to engage them in fine motor skills. Fine Motor Activities For Kids, Science Experiments For Preschoolers, Lego Activities, Motor Skills Activities, Gross Motor Skills, Hands On Activities, Preschool Science, Science Ideas, Steam Activities

20 Fine Motor Painting Activities and Our NEW BOOK!

We couldn't be MORE excited to announce the launch of our newest Fine Motor Ideas book! Last year, the fabulous bloggers behind Fine Motor Ideas brought you our first book 99 Fine Motor Ideas for Ages 1 to 5 (Volume 1). Now we are back with the next volume, 100 Fine Motor Ideas: for Parents, Teachers & Therapists. 100 MORE fantastic fine motor activities to use with your little ones! But it doesn't stop there. These activities can also be used to assist in therapies for all ages, from young…