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DIY cage for pet rodents. Totally want to do this! I could have hamsters, gerbils/small reptile, and rats/ferrets/ other larger small animals


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Book Shelf Enclosure

Our standard bearded dragon enclosure measures 36” wide X 24” deep X 18” tall to provide optimal floor space and to simplify heating & lighting solutions. We also Make a 48" wide X 24” deep...


Custom Enclosures

from Hedgehog As Pets

Make Your Own DIY Hedgehog Cage

Make Your Own DIY Hedgehog Cage - Hedgehog As Pets

Site for great homemade ferret or other small animal habitats. Rat, gerbil, hamster, chinchilla diy cage, home, enclosure.

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bohemian solace: rat home Thanks to pintrest inspiration I finally made my own rat cabinet :)

bohemian solace: rat home

Fake Rock Build for Bearded Dragon - Reptile Forums

Here, they sell them, but gives some great ideas on reptile enclosures that are nice.

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