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an aerial view of a city with tall buildings
Looking north over the St Giles/Boombury area in 1973 #London
an airplane diagram showing the different parts of its engine and control system, including four planes
The History of JFK Airport: The Pan Am Terminal
The recovery of the New York Subway system, 1-12 November, 2012.
an advertisement for london's underground wonderland wonder, featuring the skeleton and its workings
Poster; London's newest Underground wonder; Camden Town junctions, by Charles W Baker, 1924 | London Transport Museum
an old map showing the routes of trains
This record has been deprecated
Route map produced by Pan American Airways for international service routes; white background with blue and orange map features and routes; fold-out format; dated 1937 -SFO Airport Museum
a map with the words say hello to a brand new world
This record has been deprecated
postcard: Pan American World Airways | SFO Museum
an image of the earth from space showing all its lights and water on it's surface
Iceberg Motion
Iceberg Motion – Adventures In Mapping "I’ll follow-up with a small how-to shortly. In the meantime, here is a static image of these icebergs going back to 1976."
a cross stitch pattern that looks like it has been made
A Void Building
ARCHIZOOM NO-STOP CITY Illustrating city as a continuous system of relational forces
an aerial view of a city with lots of buildings and trees in the middle of it
As the first set of students graduate from the London School of Architecture, we catch up with founder Will Hunter
Civiv Tithe by Raphael Arthur
a map with mountains in the background and a building on it's right side
Mixing cartography and landscape drawing
Artist Matthew Rangel hikes cross-country and through the mountains, exploring and drawing along the way. He then mixes his drawings with maps and photos from history for unique results and perspective.
a white sheet with lines and dots on it that shows the location of different locations
Archidose: Photo
a map with pink and grey colors on it, including the area where there is no vegetation
Apollo Missions 15-17’s Lunar Topographic Orthophotomaps (1973)
Apollo Missions 15-17’s Lunar Topographic Orthophotomaps (1973) –...
four different lines are shown in the shape of an abstract tree, with red dots on it
Scientific Visualization and Computer Graphics
US airlines graph (235 nodes, 2099 edges). Top-to-bottom: FDEB, SBEB, MINGLE, KDEEB
an old map with lines drawn on it, including the train tracks and other areas
An Underground Forest, In Search of Silver
An Underground Forest, In Search of Silver - Venue
the map shows how land is used in the uk
The illusion of a concrete Britain
The Illusion of a Concrete Britain (BBC)