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black and white photograph of people on televisions with faces in the same position,
valie export | Tumblr
black and white photographs of people walking on a field with their backs turned to the camera
Closer • 101316 - anthonycoleman | ello
nine black and white photographs of coffee cups
Rainbows in my Mind
three photographs of people sitting on the ground with wires attached to their heads and hands
Exposure #121: Brooklyn, 1177 Flushing Avenue, 11.15.16, 5:33 pm
» Exposure #121: Brooklyn, 1177 Flushing Avenue, 11.15.16, 5:33 pm
two pictures of women in black and white, one with a woman's face painted on the wall
Look Twice, then Again and Again - Photographs by Barbara Probst | Review by Jim Casper | LensCulture
Exposure #87 © Barbara Probst
a group of birds sitting on top of each other in different colors and sizes, with one bird flying through the air
Images from the SFO Museum website
SFO Museum | Images | menu: Air France, Concorde
multiple shots of cars parked in a parking lot with white lines on the floor and one is black and white
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Untitled (Overpass), Queens, NY 2007, Nathan Harger
several photographs are arranged in squares on a white background with gold trimmings to the edges
An entry from anwa
flasd: Atlas Sheet 184 Gerhard Richter
the sky is filled with clouds in different shades and sizes, all over it's surface
Photographic Works 1968 – 2004 | Fraenkel Gallery
Sol LeWitt: Clouds, 1978. Fifty-four chromogenic prints mounted on board, 31 5/8 x 22 1/4" (mount).
the man is sitting on a cube and doing different poses
postcard Wednesday
Bruce McLean, Pose Work for Plinths 3, 1971. More Moore inspired work. These are such a witty response to the prevailing views about sculpture from the 60s and 70s.
multiple images of a woman in orange clothing
Bjork In Spaces
Bjork In Spaces | Dave Stewart
black and white photograph of rows of houses
Bill Brandt South London, 1933
black and white photographs of various types of power lines
Typology – Research
an abstract black and white photo with lots of squares in the middle, all on top of each other
128 Details from a Picture (Halifax 1978), II [99] » Editions » Gerhard Richter