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an illustration of a man in space suit flying through the air with his hand on his hip
"I’m Going to Be a Cosmonaut." – Soviet propaganda poster (Plakat Moscow, 1984). Artwork by T. Mitrieva. via Heritage Auctions
two lego astronauts are standing next to each other
LEGO 10213 Shuttle Adventure
Shuttle Adventure Lego astronauts
the international space station is seen from above
Scott Parazynski, STS-120 EVA
the helmet is white with black stripes on it
NASA - JSC Exhibits
Shuttle launch helmet (given the logo, 1980s?)
an astronaut is standing in the water
Apollo 11 under the sea
"ESA astronaut Jean-François Clervoy standing in the Comex-designed Gandolfi spacewalk off the coast of Marseille, France."
an astronaut standing in front of a silver foil background
Aspen Mays: The Future of the Future (Spaceman), 2009
an astronaut is standing on the moon with his hands in his pockets
1969 ... Apollo lunar suit
Anatomy of a Spacesuit
an astronaut sitting in a chair with his legs crossed
Hardsuit AX-3 Space Suit design, 1977
Publicity shot for Conquest of Space (1955)
Publicity shot for Conquest of Space (1955)
a black and white photo of a person with an object in his hand cosascool: A pre-flight CT scan of a NASA A7L....
"A pre-flight CT scan of a NASA A7L spacesuit, the type of suit worn during the Apollo missions."
Neil Armstrong in Gemini G-2C trainig suit. Neil Armstrong, Apollo 1, Nasa Space Suit, Nasa Astronauts, Apollo, American, Astronaut
Neil Armstrong in Gemini G-2C trainig suit.
two legos are shown side by side, one with an astronaut's helmet on
Today I am mainly cursing 2003 me for not buying the one set LEGO ever sold with an Apollo astronaut minifigure.
people floating on inflatable rafts next to a swimming pool with a space ship
"This classic 1966 NASA photo shows Apollo 1 astronauts Edward White, Roger B. Chaffee and Virgil Grissom training to exit from their craft." Context from