50 Amazing Tattoo Pictures

Lilies and skull back tattoo.I would put another lily where the skull is, I do love lilies!

thoushaltalways: Sorry for the recent face-spam guys. I need some inspiration, more time and maybe a hot chocolate.. Anyone want to give me these things? :D

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'key to the secret garden tattoo idea" Its called key to the secret garden. SECRET GARDEN! Perfect key to click click.

Ive loved keys forever, but ohmygod to a secret garden! Prev: 'key to the secret garden tattoo idea

Sugar skull tattoo/

Sugarskull tattoo - Maybe I should get one for the Dia de los Muertos Festival! day of the dead

So pretty...too dark for summer???

Beautiful deep red color with burgundy highlights

More in and like this in: beer drinkin boot stompin four wheelin night swimmin trash talkin gun shootin

Purple rose, it really is lovely even if you dislike tattoos, agreed?

The beauty of this flower expresses promise, hope, and new beginnings. It is contrasted by thorns symbolizing defense, loss, and thoughtlessness. On thigh or side?

Ladies Outfitter Hoodie

Legendary Whitetails Ladies Outfitter Hoodie Hot Coral Small Big Game® Camo accents Features soft V-neck opening Opening provides extra wearing comfort Feminine cut Imported

Tattoo by Blake Gaudette at Crimson Heart Designs, Clear Lake, WI

Browning, redneck Tattoo by Blake Gaudette at Crimson Heart Designs, Clear Lake, WI

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