Total Blender FourSide $434.95

Blendtec Professional’s Choice Total Blender- I use this for everything. From grinding coffee beans, to making peanut butter, hummus, grinding grains to flours. The possibilities are endless! Also comes with an amazing recipe book.

Total Blender WildSide $474.95

Total Blender with Wildside+ Jar

A good quality blender, and yes the war between Blendtech and Vitamix blenders wages on :-). Can not live without this tool to make my own flour, smoothies, soups, and more.

Designer Series WildSide Blender $499.95 - Blendtec Blenders

Designer Series WildSide

Introducing the newest innovation from @Blendtec the TWISTER JAR!! $129.00

Twister Jar accessory for making nut butter, hummus, ice cream, etc.

Blendtec Connoisseur $649.95

The Blendtec Blender is the best blender I have ever used, we have been making delicious smoothies since 1997 in our Blendtec.

$399.00 Today Only - Blendtec 90 oz. Signature Series Blender with 32 oz. Twister Jar

Blendtec 90 oz. Signature Series Blender with 32 oz. Twister Jar

Blender w/Wild Side Jar and 32 oz. Twister Jar ~ this is the best investment I have ever made on a appliance! This blender does it all!

Blendtec Kitchen Mill $179.95

Kitchen Mill

GF White Bean Bread breadmaker recipe from Blendtec and their Kitchen Mill.

Blendtec WildSide Jar $99.00

WildSide+ Jar

The Blendtec WildSide jar is perfect for smoothies and large batches. Learn more about this blender jar here.

Blendtec FourSide Jar $59.00

FourSide Jar

The Blendtec FourSide jar fits all Blendtec blenders. Learn more about this jar today.

Tom Dickson Extreme Blender $1034.95

Blendtec Tom Dickson Extreme Blender - the most powerful blender today