101 Places Travelers Should Know about. i want to do this list

101 Places Every Traveler Should Know

how to travel europe for 3 weeks

How to Travel in Europe for 3 Weeks -- Three weeks is still not long enough (ie. don't try to do all of Europe in 3 weeks)

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How to Travel to Europe on a Budget! One day I will get there..

How to Travel to Europe on a Budget - Pretty Providence<<Read the comments on this site. VERY helpful

On Monday, I blogged about living intentionally and how I'm living freely and traveling constantly because that is what I want more than anything.A couple of times when I mentioned I spent a month (twice) traveling through Europe I've been met with responses like "must be nice to have that kind of expendable income" but I don't have expendable income. And I'm not rich.Backpacking is actually very cheap. It cost me less to backpack for a month in Europe than it did to pay one months rent.I…

Backpack Across Europe on $1,000

ebook- Broke Backpacker: Europe on 30 dollars /day. Description says the author has made two one-month trips to Europe on less than a grand each!

Have been to 6 of the 10 and have definite plans to visit Prague and Cape Town in the near future (and probs Barcelona somewhere in there)

10 Places to Travel in Your Twenties Las Vegas: check Paris: check Miami Cape Town, South Africa New Orleans London: check Barcelona: check Prague Puerto Viego, Costa Rica Amsterdam

10 ways to TRAVEL CHEAP. I agree with all these things, especially avoiding the tours and tourist trap places most of the time.

A great adventure How to Travel in Europe for 3 Weeks 10 ways to TRAVEL CHEAP. I agree with all these things, especially avoiding the tours .

"How I flew around the world for $1,340" #travelhack...really interesting website! I like really would love to do this! It's like LOTR but without impending doom!! And just think of all the cultures you could experience and the new foods, people you could meet. Maybe one day I will take a year off and do a full world travel! And who knows, I may even find a place I want to live!

Fingal's Cave - the cave was a well-known wonder of the ancient Irish and Scottish celtic people. Neat Story, I found about a great way to travel inexpensively.

The Best 23 Resources for Cheap, Free, or Paid Travel (Part 1) | escapenormal

The Best 23 Resources for Cheap, Free, or Paid Travel. This could help me in future travel plans!

There’s An Infographic For That | Travel Between The Pages

How To Explore & Tour Europe On A Cheap Travel Budgettravel 2 infographics social media Visit Europe Cheap Budget Travel Europe On Cheap Budget Tour Europe On Cheap Budget Explore Europe On Budget Cheap Tour Europe Cheap Europe Travel

How I Afford Travel >>> Good tips in here written by a week vacation warrior who does a great job traveling on a budget each year

This is the best article I've read on budget travel. She covers all the best tips on saving money -- "How I Afford Travel -- Badass trips on a not-so-badass budget.

Traveling to the UK? Here are some great tips for your trip!

Tips for Traveling in Europe

Great tips for traveling to Europe. Tips about money, lodging, smartphones, navigation, packing and more. by marcella

Packing list posts for almost any kind of trip you could imagine (think everything ranging from Rome in the summer to fall New England road trip)

Ultimate Female Travel Packing Lists... to everywhere

Great packing and travel tips for women. At Her Packing List, we've been compiling female packing lists to countries (and activities) around the world. Here is the master list!