1928, 8mm film camera. Beautiful!

Bell & Howell Filmo № 75 - a beautiful 16 mm movie camera, produced in Chicago in Bell & Howell cameras were the tools of choice for Hollywood studios in the early days of motion pictures

Defrosting a freezer (what a chore that was)....and using ice trays to make ice cubes!

ice cube trays in the tiny freezer at the top of the refrigerator. I remember the time I was trying to defrost it and ran a screw driver through it! Some kind of liquid spewed out of it.

this vintage stove in mint!

Green Style: The Prettiest Wedgewood Stove This is the exact stove my Mom cooked on when I was growing up. It was in my Grandma's kitchen and we lived in her house. Color is the same and everything. WOULD LOVE to have that old stove back now.

blue stove

You Won't Believe What These 97 Amazing Antique Finds Are Worth

This shade of blue stove. Blue Enamel Royal Windsor Stove Sold By Montgomery Ward,

Love these old tins!                  ****

Addie Vintage Label Metal Canisters - Set of 3

detail-detail-detail: metal spice canisters with. detail-detail-detail: “ metal spice canisters with vintage labels ”

Modern Kitchen: 1942

Modern Kitchen,Spring "New Bedford, Massachusetts. Family of Portuguese house painter who live in low-income government housing project." Medium format negative by John Collier for the Resettlement Administration

1934 ~ This was state of the art in refridgerators!!!

1933 Refrigerator, General Electric monitor top - This is most rare of the styles, only being produced for a few months at the end of 1933 and beginning of Keeping the height of the original open coil models, it was the first with enclosed coils.