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When you confront a liar with the truth he will insult you, call you crazy, and be very very angry and defensive. #InfidelityHurts #IsThisYourHubby? #CHEATERSCHEAT


“As for my girls, I’ll raise them to think they breathe fire.” –Jessica Kirkland #parenting #feminism #daughters


You, my child, can choose to be anything you want! I hope you choose to be... kind, honest, sincere, strong, loving, and always true to yourself


I will raise all 3 of them to know that they are bigger than any fire that burns around them because of who our Lord and savior is. I will teach them to be secure and confident in all that makes them who they are. Own your flaws, own your mistakes, own your terrible choices, but never ever blame what you had control over on another person.

I want her to be herself but it's important to me as a mother to raise her with Faith, Morals, dignity, Integrity, and Discernment. She is in control of her Character, but if you plant the seed, it will grow.

Not sorry for how I chose to protect myself and my family from the psycho that was brought into our lives he refused to deal should do an inventory of their own actions or in this case inaction before blaming others...

My mother told me the worst thing I could do would be to have children. I didn't want to put any child through what I went through so I never had children even though my husband would have made a wonderful father - just another thing to feel guilty for...