Meet five of the founding fathers - Sam Adams, John Hancock, Joseph Warren, Patrick Henry, and Paul Revere. [Sons of Liberty by Felix Sutton - Illustrator: Bill Barss]

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Because what child doesn't want to go to the moon? :) [If You Decide to Go to the Moon by Faith McNulty - Illustrator: Steven Kellogg]

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Saturn by Gregory L. Vogt

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The Story of Apollo 11 by R. Conrad Stein || ★★★★★ - recommended for ages 7-12 [The Cornerstones of Freedom Series, The Space Race]

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The Night Sky by Nigel Henbest || ★★★★ - recommended for ages 10 & up [Illustrator: Michael Roffe, Astronomy, NASA]

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Race Against Time by Paul May || ★★★★★ - recommended for ages 8 & up [Illustrator: Peter Dennis]

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On the Spot: Space by Claire Llewellyn || ★★★★ - recommended as a read aloud [Illustrator: Jason Lewis]

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Project Gemini by Ray Spangenburg & Kit Moser || ★★★★ - recommended for ages 9-14 [Gemini Missions, Apollo Missions, Project Mercury, Astronomy, NASA]

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