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Know these awesome Indian bloggers. Read about their blog, journey and insightful answers in these super interviews.
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Kanan Gill is a splendid entertainer from Bangalore with many tricks up his sleeve. His sense of humor truly makes him unique.

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For many of us, kitchen is a very special place. It is our lab where we experiment with various ingredients and create our own recipes. Her kitchen is known for the eclectic vegetarian healthy recipes, that she passionately cooks, photographs and write. She is a blogger, food writer, an author, a food stylist, photographer and consultant. It is a pleasure to invite Archana Doshi of Archana’s Kitchen. So everyone, get set to read this yummylicious interview.

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Here’s presenting to you an exclusive interview with another INK Fellow 2012, Peter Frykman, who discusses about his noble venture, ‘Driptech’ with many other insightful things. Read on!

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A girl who is full of life, loves to travel and discover new places, up for absolutely anything that is challenging! Born and brought up in Vishakhapatnam, after completing her studies in IIM Kolkata, Pranava now stays and works in London. A voracious reader, a movie enthusiast, a music fanatic and someone who writes spectacular poetry! Presenting to you, a wonderful interview with Pranava Boyidapu at your very own Adda.

A fun-loving girl who is a voracious reader and loves to blog. Even the fiction she writes seems so close to reality! Her writings are a reflection of what you actually see in the society. Romance being her favourite genre, it takes up most of the space on her blog. Diplomacy is just not her, what she feels is what she writes! A friendly and outgoing girl who is also extremely emotional. Presenting to you, Soumya Prasad.

A person who is blogging since long but still cannot find time to say everything he has planned to in his mind. Trying to offer something fresh and new to the blogosphere everyday. Someone who finds solace in blogging and believes that it gives the writer in him, an instant gratification! An author, a teacher, a navy officer, a counsellor and an ardent blogger, introducing Vikram Karve in an interview where he talks about his life, blogging journey and his love for writing.

Here we have someone who writes from his heart! He removes the time to blog from his busy day because that is what he loves to do. He wishes to inspire others through his writing. Sarcasm and humour are an immensely important feature of his writings. Presenting to you an interview with Dr. Roshan Radhakrishnan where he talks about his likes, blogging journey and humorously everything about life.

An elegant fashion and lifestyle blogger who loves experimenting keeping in mind the magic word, comfort. Her own designer label Cirare boasts of many creative and attractive designs. For her, to travel is to live! She believes that travelling teaches a person innumerable things. Trying out different cuisines and blogging about food is another of her favourite activities. Presenting to you an interview with Akanksha Redhu, an amazing fashion blogger, travel enthusiast and stunning designer.

A person who is absolutely mesmerized by the concept of beach houses! She adores the colour white and other pastel shades. From the calm Darjeeling to the fast paced Mumbai, she has a lot to share. She blogs splendid ideas as DIYs for home decor as and when she tries them in her own home at Navi Mumbai. Here’s an exceptional interview with Rukmini Roy, the winner of the Best Blog Award for the Arts, Crafts and Design Category!

A blogger who writes straight from the heart! Someone whose writing is very philosophical and self-reflexive but at the same time sprinkled with humour. Her posts are very matured and leave every reader with thoughts to ponder about. She takes pleasure in the small things life has to offer! (In an Ozzie accent) Here’s presenting to you an honest and fun interview with Prerna G. Manian about her blogging journey, childhood memories and a lot more!

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