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Printables & Tips

Printables & Tips

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The Official 30 day Thigh Slimming Challenge

30 Day Thigh Slimming Challenge!
  • rukmani hans
    rukmani hans

    Still doing it : )

  • Yommashita Franklin
    Yommashita Franklin


  • Bri Aspen
    Bri Aspen

    Yay!!! Lovin these challenges!!!

Extreme Muffintop Crushing Workout

Extreme Muffintop Crushing Workout Printable

#Fabruary workout calendar!

  • Indwen Greenleaf
    Indwen Greenleaf

    You too, Keyaira McGlaughlin Keyaira99 mcglaughlin

  • Indwen Greenleaf
    Indwen Greenleaf

    Chrissy Smithe I challenge you to finish thte rest of this year blogilates style with me!!

  • Mia Brooks
    Mia Brooks

    yeah pretty much!!!

  • Kaity!

    Same!! We are just living full lives!x)

  • Mia Brooks
    Mia Brooks

    Hahahaha!! even though I do like 1D and blogilates!

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30 Day Butt Lift Challenge

30 Day Butt Lift Challenge!
  • Alina Mende
    Alina Mende

    I loved the 30-day Ab-Challenge, so excited about this one! Thanks Cassey you are amazing :)

  • Katarzyna Kożuch
    Katarzyna Kożuch

    Cassey you're the best! Greetings from Poland ♥

  • Rebecca Del Castillo
    Rebecca Del Castillo

    This is beyond perfect. I learned all of these from you to begin with and now it's put into an easy 30 day plan? Starting this for February!! :D

  • Chantelle Balanowski
    Chantelle Balanowski

    Yeah, I am already doing it

  • Klara Nguyen
    Klara Nguyen

    I just finished the 30 day squat challenge on pinterest...maybe I should give this a try too!

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Beginners Workout Calendar 2.0! Perfect for those getting back into working out or just starting out! #workout #blogilates #beginnersworkout

  • Victoria Keith
    Victoria Keith

    1 down 27 to go!

  • Christine Woodington
    Christine Woodington

    Site seems to be down been trying to access on desktop and tablet

  • Cheyenne Joslyn
    Cheyenne Joslyn

    Doing both this one and the flat abs and loving it

  • Lilly Collins 💖
    Lilly Collins 💖

    Thank you Cassey

  • alyssa Durling
    alyssa Durling

    Thank you for all that you do for the POPsters! You truly are an amazing person! You make me look forward to working out in the morning or in the afternoon (fitness blender too) thanks again Cassey:) love you lots:) ♥

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30 day ab challenge. Earn your flat tummy! Just check off the moves each day. Pretty fun and easy :D #30dayflatabs #abchallenge

30 Day Flat Abs Challenge!

Do you guys know how much PROTEIN is in your food?! I thought it would be wise to show the recommended serving size along with the calories so that there'd be some type of an even playing field here. Also be aware that just because a food shows up lower than another food on this chart, it does not mean it is "unhealthy" or that you should avoid it like the plague. All foods are created to bring us all sorts of different nutrients.

6 Min Sexy Abs!

6 Minute Sexy Abs Printable
  • Alyssa Massaro
    Alyssa Massaro

    Just did this one! Felt the burn :-)

6 Minute Sexy Little Waist Printable


Blogilates — Fitness, Food, & POP PIlates
  • Bri Aspen
    Bri Aspen

    This workout is soo hard!!! That's why it's my favorite though...

  • Freya Kakao
    Freya Kakao

    This workout is so painful :D

  • Anna DeMartino
    Anna DeMartino

    Love this I added this to my workout collection!!!

  • Brooke

    Hey I literally just finished this workout on YouTube! It was great! I feel so strong!

6 Min Sexy Booty!

Banana Nut Mug Cake + San Diego Masterclass!

VS Model Ab Workout! So good! Do it now!

VS Model Ab Workout Printable!
  • Camille Webb
    Camille Webb

    I love watching your workout videos! You really inspire me to work hard!

  • Bria McCauley
    Bria McCauley

    Love this!!!!

  • Grace Wagner
    Grace Wagner

    I have to watch the video though so you can remind me to not wimp out :)


Get Ready for the 30 Day #AprilAbs Program!
  • Carla Olivares
    Carla Olivares


  • Tarrie Revenant
    Tarrie Revenant

    And don't worry, it's free and she doesn't spam. =)

  • Lulaboola

    You need to sign up to Cassey's newsletter on

  • Maya Jennifer
    Maya Jennifer

    Where can I find the password?!

  • cathєriиє

    just got the calender, im excited to start :)

My fave fat burning foods for boosting metabolism.

Best Foods for Burning Calories & Boosting Metabolism
  • Cindee Ella Mari Sumilang
    Cindee Ella Mari Sumilang

    wow!!! these are good!!! i love spicy! all of these actually and good to know that these help me in my diet!

Eat less "CRAP". Eat more "FOOD".

How To Be Successful

Don’t let small minds convince you that your dreams are too big
  • Paula Murat
    Paula Murat

    Can you put this up in your page so we can print it?

  • Gloria Bold
    Gloria Bold

    Thanks :)

Workout NUTRITION!!!

simple diet tips

Printable Workouts

comparison of whole grains and which is best for you

Printable Workouts

bets low cal and high fiber fruits and veggies

Printable Workouts

veggie comparison chart featuring cals, carbs, protein, fats

  • P.Sohan Venkat
    P.Sohan Venkat


  • P.Sohan Venkat
    P.Sohan Venkat


nut comparison chart featuring cals, carbs, protein, fats

Printable Workouts

fruit comparison chart featuring cals, carbs, protein, fats

  • saman join
    saman join

    Thank you!

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Lean Out in 7 days! A Mini Meal Plan by Blogilates

Best & worst times to send emails.