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Southwest chicken foil packet recipe

Southwest Chicken Foil Packet - fresh or frozen corn - fresh salsa of your choice - oz. can black beans - cilantro - chicken - taco seasoning - shredded Mexican cheese blend - lime

What an incredible idea for a chore chart! I'm definitely using this one!

A point based chore chart for grounding. Assign points to the punishment and for chores around the house. To get ungrounded the child must complete chores. It could take a day or a month, it's up to your child! Seems like it would work SO much better than

NEWBORN GIRL HAT Boutique Bow Big Girl Bow Beanie by LizzieRoda, $16.50

Let’s get “girly girl” going right from the very beginning! Lets get the big girl bow going right away as well! This fun little ruffled personalized