Grandparents Holiday Gift - DIY Personalized Childs Handprint Tree - Printable pdf Kids Craft Project via Etsy I love this idea for a craft

Way to keep pictures from each first day of school

Cute ideas for beginning of school year traditions in a family. Love the idea of the school fairy

keeping memories from trips and events

Martha Stewart Living, June 2008 If you hate the idea of grappling with vacation memorabilia after a trip, create a keepsake as you go. Pack a hole punch and a loose-leaf ring to string together maps, postcards, and other souvenirs you colle

Keepsake for Newborn

Deluxe Baby Keepsake Kit - make it myself. Use other ornament clay pin to make hand and foot print.


"Once upon a time" is a simple (and familiar) way to start talking about your child's birth history.

Make a box to keep their stuff from the first year

We want to do a love letter box for "unity" part of ceremony.

Scan your kids' artwork and make a book so you don't have to keep 1,000 pieces of paper forever

such a great idea.scan your kids artwork & make them into photobooks. Then you don't have all those pieces of paper & you have their artwork forever. (This is a neat idea because I know most of my artwork as a kid got tossed out eventually)

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