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January Birthday Personality [Infographics] Are you a January born? Or do you want to know more about someone with a January birthday? Then you have come to the right place! The zodiac signs for the January birthdays are #Capricorn from January 1st to January 19th and #Aquarius sun sign from January 20th to January 31st. The birthday horoscope for each of these days gives an exclusive glimpse into the true nature of a person born on that day.

[Infographics] January Birthday Horoscope Personality - Sun Signs

#Capricorn Cheat Sheet from #horoscope #astrology

Capricorn Sun Sign - Zodiac Signs -

i don't understand what the galaxy has to do with this? Is an alien smiling at me? creeper alien!

Capricorns tend to hold on tight when someone touches their heart.

they take life seriously and they are always asking why things are the way they are and not stopping until they get their answers.

capricorn is over protective and territorial of their family and friends.

a capricorn will stand up for what's right even if they stand alone.

a capricorn is deeply romantic, but has trouble expressing emotions.

capricorns prefer to have just one or two close friends rather than being a part of a large group.

As a Capricorn, you may feel you can only depend on yourself.

Capricorn will treat you with respect, if you have earned it.

capricorns like to understand what another person is really about.

Capricorn thinks a lot but doesn't say much.

Capricorn is the ultimate romantic at times, holding onto the dream of true love.

Capricorns often procrastinate, but it typically comes from the need to do things perfectly.

Capricorn is loyal to true love until the end.

Capricorn Deal Breakers

as a capricorn, you expect people to be just as reliable and truthful as yourself.

it is difficult to trick a Capricorn. they are naturally skeptical and question everything and everyone.

Capricorn hates people who are full of excuses. just get the job done.

Capricorn is reserved for most, but outspoken to those who know them best.

capricorn likes their personal space, and hates it when they feel smothered.

Capricorn Astrology Mandala