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an old book with squares and rectangles drawn on the pages in black ink
Le Corbusier's The Modulor
a green and white tile wall with different shapes
10 Unbelievably Bold and Unique Tile Ideas to Try
The Design Edit: 10 Gorgeous Room-Transforming Tiles | Apartment Therapy
two images of people sitting on the floor in front of an art installation that looks like wires
Dutch Uncles
Blog - by Everyone. Tomás Saraceno: 14 Billions. Tags: Installation, Design, Tomás Saraceno, 14 Billions
an art gallery with sculptures made out of legos on the floor and people standing around
anthony gromley at white cube
a black and white photo of a robot made out of cubes in the air
Antony Gormley | PEER (2013) | Artsy
Antony Gormley, PEER, 2013, Watermill Summer Benefit Auction 2015
a tall pole with multiple antennas on top of it in the middle of an empty field
Anthony Gormley - Fit - White Cube
many pieces of metal sitting on the ground
Antony Gormley: "We need art more than ever" | Blog | Royal Academy of Arts
Antony Gormley: “We need art more than ever” Sleeping Field, 2016.
a tall metal sculpture sitting on top of a cement floor next to a white wall
Humanoid Sculptures
Antony Gormley Sculpture
several black sculptures are arranged in a row on the floor, with one standing out from the others
How the Five Skandhas Build Our Sense of Self | Lion’s Roar
Starting with form and ending with consciousness, the five skandhas describe the mental process by which we build an increasingly solid sense of self. Above: “Building 1-5,” 2013, cast iron, by Antony Gormley. Photograph by Stephen White.
an abstract painting with blue and red colors on it's sides, including the shape of a rectangle
Jorinde Voigt
Jorinde Voigt
a poster with different shapes and colors on it
We Find Wildness
Jorinde Voigt
an artistic drawing with lines and shapes on it's surface, including the top half of
Les dessins de Jorinde Voigt
Jorinde Voigt est une artiste allemande qui réalise des dessins en grand format composés de lignes, d’annotations et de formes colorées qui donnent l’impression d’être à mi-chemin entre des prises de notes scientifiques sur un sujet mystérieux et des partitions musicales abstraites. Jorinde-Voigt-dessin-02
an abstract drawing with lines and dots in the shape of a wave on a white background
Hatje Cantz Verlag
Jorinde Voigt is a talented genius. There are few things she does that I don't want to purchase and hang on my wall.
an artistic drawing with lines and dots in the shape of letters that appear to be made out of paper
Rosenkranz Kubus IX: Jorinde Voigt | Kalender | Monopol - Magazin für Kunst und Leben
Jorinde Voigt "Symphonic Area (Blue) II", 2009, Tinte, Bleistift auf Papier, courtesy Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig, Leipzig
an artistic drawing with lines and dots on it
JORINDE VOIGT | WV 2009-116 | Symphonic Area Var. 4 | 80 × 180 cm | Tinte, Bleistift auf Papier | Berlin 2009 | Unikat
an architectural drawing of the ground plan for a house with two levels and three floors
Hidden Architecture: Photo
Plan of the Adler House. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States - Louis I. Kahn (1954-55)
an aerial view of the ground plan
Enric Miralles
seed-s - Enric Miralles More
a black and white drawing of a building with lots of lines on the side of it
AD Classics: Olympic Archery Range / Enric Miralles & Carme Pinos
Olympic Archery Barcelona plan, 1989 by Carme Pinos and Enric Miralles. One of my favorite plans of all time.
an image of some type of art that is drawn in black ink on white paper
“ Exposicion Heaven. Tenkai Kutu. Enric Miralles. ”
an object is shown in black and white with some lines drawn on the paper next to it