Adam Lupton

Milton Avery - Self Portrait, 1941

Neuberger Museum of Art


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Ginny Grayson/ charcoal on paper

Paper-works - Ginny Grayson artwork details

rebecca haines art - Google zoeken

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Saatchi Online Artist: Andrew Salgado; Oil, 2013, Painting "Hold"

Saatchi Art Artist: Andrew Salgado; Oil 2013 Painting "Hold"

TAKAHIRO KIMURA ~ Broken 1000 Faces ~ #059


Portrait by Nathan Ford

Artodyssey: Nathan Ford

Image: 'Van Gogh, Portrait of a Peasant (Patience Escalier) detail', found on


Saatchi Online Artist Nikos Gyftakis; Painting, "Self portrait" #art

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Ilya Repin (Russian, 1844-1930), Portrait of the painter Pervuchkin, 1885

bblacha: Ilya Repin (Russian, 1844-1930),...

These aren't photos--they're charcoal drawings.

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LINES HOLD THE MEMORIES - Fine Art Prints by Agnes Cecile available at Eyes On Walls -

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Daniel Sprick Self Portrait" Oil & Board 24" x 18" - ©2002

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Paintings by Annemarie Busschers

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Philipp Banken Sketchbook; Study of gesture

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Portrait by Jeff Hein, Oil, Salt Lake City, Utah

Hein Academy of Art - Salt Lake City, UT | (801) 502-9185

Mark Powell -bic biro pen on 1970s envelope

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"Basically, I no longer work for anything but the sensation I have while working" - Alberto Giacometti, self portrait


Continuous line drawing

Playfully Impressive Celebrity Portraits made from Scribbles

Drawing by Kris Trappeniers

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Kris Trappeniers continuous line. Have them draw over a portrait on a transparency.

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Ahren Hertel

Now, outside, there is your world again.

Lucien Freud / John Minton.

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