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This FREE math center activity focuses on students identifying equivalent fractions in standard form and with pictures. It includes 8 full color puzzles (that also look great in black and white), and a half page card with student instructions with the answer key.

'Bump' Up the Fun With Fractions!

This FREE Adding Fractions Bump Games contains 2 different bump games to help students practice adding fractions with like and unlike denominators. These bump games are so simple to use, and take a minimal amount of prep. Simply print out the game sheet, get 2 dice, and 20 counters, and you'll be ready to go! Check it out at


Get this and 11 other fraction bumps games as an exclusive FREEBIE when you subscribe to the mailing list at These 12 Fraction Bump Games include differentiated practice for fraction models, fractions on a number line, equivalent fractions, comparing fractions, and simplifying fractions.