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Sickly Organs at Furhouse Manor | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Sickly Organs at Furhouse Manor (by Martyn.) ‘The Loring & Blake Organ Company’ The abandoned Furhouse Manor, even fantastic musical instruments like this pipe organ have been left to decay and.

Abandoned Amusement Park

Abandoned roller coaster at Lincoln Park in Dartmouth, Massachusets. About its decline: The park was successful until the when larger theme parks started to become more popular. A fatal accident on the park's 1946 "Comet" wooden roller coaster

carrie furnaces, rankin pittsburgh - matthew christopher murrays abandoned america

business and industry: the remnants of an empire: Carrie Furnaces, Rankin Pittsburgh

pilgrim state hospital, long island ny - matthew christopher murray's abandoned america

Once the largest mental health facility in the world, Pilgrim State Hospital's wards still echoed its controversial past for years. By Matthew Christopher of Abandoned America.

an old abandoned piano in a long forgotten hotel, the music hasn't played for a long time, by Niki Feijen

Forgotten Melodies= memories of the antique piano that i once owned, inherited. I regret ever selling it, i attended piano lessons and learnt to play simple songs, in my early teens - found it a stress release.


- The abandoned First German Reformed Church in the West End.

Spreepark in winter

Photos of Spreepark, abandoned amusement park in Berlin, Germany. Photos of Spreepark, abandoned amusement park in Berlin, Germany.