Could buy alphabet magnets and spray paint them silver, kind of a cool idea.

Love this. Nice way to have some kid friendly magnets without losing the sophistication of the kitchen. Previous pinner: Update those colorful alphabet magnets with spray paint / DIY

leftover coins from traveling made into magnets

I am so doing this! I love magnets from places I've I can use the leftover coins! Magnets made of leftover coins from traveling. What a great idea!

DIY magnets made of clay

DIY refrigerator magnets made of cold porcelain or oven bake clay! Raincloud and raindrops magnet set for the fridge. Hang Kids artwork and other miscellany with this cute homemade set!

Line a cookie sheet with contact paper to make a magnet board (office)

Home Office Storage on a Dime

DIY Magnet Board: Create a magnetic memo board out of a cookie pan. Just add magnets and important papers, and your memo board is ready for business.

paper clouds magnets

Paper cloud magnets - set of three

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