Bradley and Colin being adorable :)

I LOVE Bradley James and Colin Morgan! I just have to ship them too. Not just Merlin and Arthur, but Bradley James and Colin Morgan!

oh my this is too perfect!! "The destiny of a great prat rests on the shoulders of a young idiot" much more accurate could it get

In a land of myth and a time of magic, the destiny of a great prat rests on the shoulders of a young idiot. His name, Merlin!

Ya there just faces

in battle, when they are being attacked by morgana or nearly every other time they always have the funniest faces. i swear if you pause merlin in a battle scene you will see weird things

I loved this scene!!! Laughed so hard :D

Arthur's face :) He reacts the same way when Merlin says something he doesn't think makes sense

I can't imagine Gaius died alone since he lived in Camelot surrounded by people who loved him, but either way, this is really sad. :'( --Description by Frodo the Second

This fandom likes pain.I'm not okay😭😖😭😖

Arthur's face... XD

Checking for woodworm of course! Not trying to steal your keys or anything. :D haha classic Merlin!

Well okay. My heart isn't needed in this. Thank you so much. Here have this *holds out my shattered heart*

Fara Winchester on

But what if when Arthur came back he didn't remember and Merlin had to build a whole new friendship and when they're best friends Arthur remembers and it kills me


Sir Leon is immortal. At the end of season 2 Arthur and Merlin even return to Camelot without him (because all the Knights died) and yet Season 3 there is Leon out of nowhere.

His face ;)

Colin's face in the last frame and Richard hovering there in the background is hilarious for some reason.