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This is my dream as I am a fanclub of Shitennou & Inner Senshi.

This is my dream as I am a fanclub of Shitennou & Inner Senshi.I wanted TOEI to change some scenes in the manga. Scene Neo Queen Serenity used Legendary Silver Crystal power to resurrect Sailor Quartet. So I wanted to give her the desire to do this.



Family Tree of Neptune by Moon-and-Sars

Tethys- One of the first Queens of Neptune Oceanus- Husband of Tethys Thalassa- Past Queen and Senshi of Neptune Pontus- Husband of Thalassa Amphitrite-. Family Tree of Neptune

Family Tree of Saturn by Moon-and-Sars

Cybele- One of the First Queens of Saturn Name Origin:Originally an Anatolian Mother Goddess who was assimilated into Greek Mythology &nbs. Family Tree of Saturn

Family Tree of Venus by Moon-and-Sars

Ishtar- an early queen and senshi of Venus. Name origin: Babylonian goddess of love, fertility, and warfare Aphrodite- Ishtar’s daug. Family Tree of Venus