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News Studio https://www.behance.net/gallery/11432619/FCB

Coll style guide for FC Barcelona, created by the Battagliotti Bros, a graphic design studio run by two brothers Pilo and Viru from Barcelona. The guide aims to develop a licensing program that includes .

Nike Rise Campaign Identity ○ Studio: Bureau Borsche ○ Location: Germany ○ Client: Nike ↪

Same kind of concept with key words relating to the campaign on each poster. Go for three different posters each with one key word - short sharp and simple is much more powerful than tons of text. Focus also on telling people to go and read the manifesto

K리그 최강을 향한 도전 ’2015 제주유나이티드’에 관한 인포그래픽

K리그 최강을 향한 도전 ’2015 제주유나이티드’에 관한 인포그래픽


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