TONS of toilet paper roll crafts! Cheap & easy!

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts- Most of my kid crafts are things that I like doing just as much as the kids. I love this idea of using toilet paper rolls to make the little cars and even better Ii love the animals drawn with a black sharpie.

Weave baskets with newspaper.

basket weaving with newspaper.looks like fun, except I have more boxes of basket weaving supplies than old newspapers! Wouldn't make sense to buy the Sunday NY Times just to make a basket,,,or would it?

Reuse old table legs and ceiling fan blades to create these dragonflies.

Perfect addition to a dragonfly inspired garden Repurposed Table Leg & Ceiling Fan Dragonflies.great backyard or garden fence decor.

Recycled Cardboard Bags

These look like fun for Sarah's birthday party this year! Cardboard handbag tutorial - great idea for a birthday party - craft activity and then all the girls get to take the baggies home.

9 surprising things about solar people

Infographic: 9 Surprising Things About People Who Go Solar I just these kinds of graphics. Now where do I get my solar.

Just about everything in your possession can be reused. This list of 50 reuse and recycling resources is a great start.

Recycle Everything in your Life! Start Recycling Everything If You Can’t Reuse It! You’ve heard of people recycling everything from printer paper to your old jeans, Read