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Words to live by=)

Words to live by=)

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So true!

Wise woman

Make yourself strong.

7 cardinal rules for life.

The Rules for Being Human

That Is Enough

Parenting, it's the most difficult job anyone could have. Never easy knowing if your doing the right thing or not. Especially when the kids sometimes give us the impression we aren't. All we can do is try to teach the the best we can. Teach them in a manner that makes them use their own minds. Challenge them. I always tell my kids, I'll help you do anything, but I refuse to do it for you...

I Want My Kids to Fail

So true!


No reason to stay is a good reason to go.

Well said!

Good thing to live by!

goal quote - Einsten--Sounds like goal has been reached! Despite everything else that has happened, the desired end result has been accomplished.

Quote to live by!


Potential tattoo quote

Worth the read...❤

be happy


One of my very favorites.

Work on you, not them!


stephen covey | Tumblr

love this quote...