To keep potatoes from budding, place an apple in the bag with the potatoes.

To keep potatoes from budding, place an apple in the bag with the potatoes. A real apple.don't throw your iPhone in there :) My Fridge Food: 10 Great Kitchen Tips!

Chicken coops

I love this chicken coop. It is great for a smaller yard and just a few chickens. It is also attractive and practical. I grew up with chickens in the back yard and fresh eggs in the morning. This coop would make having chickens again that much nicer!

North end of DUCK PEN ...   LOVE THIS!!!!    by Timeless Touches

The owners of this pen say that they really like the lobed-shape of their pool because the ducks can swim in their own areas. Based on their other photos, I don' think they have a drain, so they have to lift the whole thing out when they need to clean it.

Loyola Chicken Coop on sale $465

Precision Pet Products Extreme Hen House Chicken Coop with Nesting Box, Ramp and Roosting Bar

Awesome chicken coops

Chicken Coop - Photo by: Courtesy of Frederik Roije Avant-Garde One of the most architectural-minded hen houses we've ever seen, this so-called Breed Retreat was created by Dutch designer Frederik Roije.

Avoiding Urban Beekeeping Problems

Avoiding Urban Beekeeping Problems

Provide a more than adequate water supply. On Hot days bees requires more than a gallon of water a day. You can add natural peppermint to the water source so they return there

Have to have it. Boomer

Boomer & George Cottage Chicken Coop - Rabbit Cage & Hutch Accessories at Hayneedle

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