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My Secret Bully: Activities for Friendship Bullying

PERSPECTIVE TAKING: Compliment Starters

This activity is great for small or large groups. It is a nice addition to a friendship unit or character development unit. It is fun to use on friendship day or Valentine's day. It's also great to use at the end of the school year and or before a transition to a new school is coming. This activity can be used with typical learners, children with special needs and or social challenges, and or inclusive classrooms.

More Thinking about You Thinking about Me

building social skills in regards to the different body parts that are actively being used when engaging with a friend

All Aboard "The Friendship" {Friendship Building Activities}

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Social Skills Game: Friendship Bingo

Help your students develop better friendships by teaching them the qualities of a true friend. Use the Qualities of a Friend Bingo Game to build a positive classroom/school climate, prevent bullying, and reduce relational aggression. Check out the preview to review the contents of this activity!

Relational Aggression and Girl's Friendships Therapy Tools BUNDLE

All the skills required to make and keep a friendship included in this therapy game. CONVERSATION ETIQUETTE: Assertiveness and Active Listening FAIRNESS: Sharing and Sportsmanship LOYALTY: Trust, Honesty, and Thoughtfulness POSITIVITY: Gratitude and Attitude Please note, this is the gender neutral version of "Baking Up A Friendship." See product for credits.

tons of different activities to do with children on developing social skills, build self esteem, anger management, etc. These are mostly geared towards a classroom setting but can be tweaked for individual and family sessions.