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Danielle Noggle
Danielle Noggle
Danielle Noggle

Danielle Noggle

I'm a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend and much more. I love life in general and love being with my loved ones enjoying that life.

Different but I like it....ummm with a little less blonde on top and more of a brown on the bottom I kinda like this !!

This warm sun is having me thinking blonde thoughts again. Love, love, LOVE this color... and I have the dark brows to go with it! ;-)

I want this but inverted with blonde on the bottom and the brown on top.

blonde hair with dark brown underneath LcaGyi50

Red, brown, blonde hair I like this color but idk if I can pull it of

Omg someone make me this!!!!

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Cute! If I would dare to cut my hair this is what I would do!

Cute cool summer outfit Wish I had the legs to wear such short shorts!!

Ombre Hair, or Two Toned Hair! Portraits Of Elegance found on Polyvore

Rich Brown Ombre Two Tone Curly- I would like the blonde to be a bit darker, or the brown to be lighter. But that's me;)

I love the way this looks, but Im too chicken to try it. Im scared I wont like it and fry my hair off trying to go back dark ):

Perfect for a fall night out. Dark denim, long flowy sweater, great bag - in all different neutrals

Primitive Decor | Primitive Home Decor!!

Super cute country outfit I could never pull it off but its way cute