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Facebook: I love you, I love you not, I love you …

Today’s blog not only contains an insight into Facebook’s evolving role in the lives of Australians, it also offers a cautionary tale in how to read mass media coverage on all things ‘social media’. You could be mistaken for interpreting this headline in yesterday’s Digital Life section of the Sydney Morning Herald, It’s complicated: why …

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Unleash your inner Superman: How to start blogging for your business

Get ready for a shock. In the latest instalment of Superman, Superman 13, Clark Kent leaves the Daily Planet with a huge rant about decaying journalism standards and becomes a blogger. Yes, the great superhero is now in the process of having to build time into his weekly routine to blog, just like anyone in …

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This illustrated my blog post

Don't listen to me on social media marketing, listen to Sir Richard Branson Group Of Companies, Richard Branson, Social Media Marketing, Blog, Blogging

Don’t listen to me about social media marketing, listen to Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson has some stern words for you, echoing my messages at October Business Month in Darwin. Basically, the founder of the Virgin group of companies says, ’embracing social media isn’t just a bit of fun, it is a vital way to communicate, keep your ear to the ground and improve your business,’ in …

Feel the doubt and do it anyway: Testing online marketing tactics Doubting Thomas, Marketing Tactics, Do It Anyway, Online Marketing, Feelings, Blog, Internet Marketing, Blogging

Feel the doubt and do it anyway: Testing online marketing tactics

Then Jesus told him, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” This is likely to be a first: A marketing blog article that begins with a Bible quote! We’ve all heard the expression ‘doubting Thomas’, well it came from the story that quote …

This is what the Baker Marketing Tagxedo cloud looks like. What does your online marketing material say about you? Tagxedo, Website Promotion, Online Marketing, Cloud, Sayings, Lyrics, Internet Marketing, Cloud Drawing, Quotations

What does your marketing really say about you?

Have you ever been stuck in a conversation with someone who thought they were saying one thing but you were hearing quite a different thing? Wouldn’t it be good if they could get feedback from a device, warning them they are off track? Sadly, such a tool does not exist for speech and it is …

Steve Davis on the topic of legal issues surrounding blogging and social media marketing Steve Davis, Social Media Marketing, Blogging, How To Plan

Plan, Think, Publish: The legally safe approach to social media marketing

At last week’s social media marketing workshop for Women In Business and Regional Development, held in the Coonawarra, we let a legal mind into our midst for that sobering sprinkling of ‘lawyer think’. Felix Hoelscher, a partner at Andersons Solicitors, very tactfully tempered our marketing zest and creative urges with some key points to consider …

Steve Davis being interviewed by Nick Morris on the topic of Content Marketing Small Business Marketing, Content Marketing, Marketing Magazine, Steve Davis, Starting A Podcast, Interview, Blog, Blogging, Inbound Marketing

Steve Davis on Content Marketing for Small Business [Podcast]

Content marketing is certainly a hot topic in marketing circles at the moment. Most marketing magazines and forums are abuzz with discussion on what it is, what it means and how it can drive business. Nick Morris, who has started a podcast called Web Marketing Adelaide asked to interview me on the subject recently. Given …