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Homemade Body Wash - Keep Scary Out Of Your Shower

Best home made body wash recipe I've found. I just finished making my first batch & I absolutely love it. It smells really great ( I used a lavender essential oil) & after washing my hands with it I quickly noticed how clean, soft & smooth they felt.

I forget what this is called but you pull all your hair to the side and only grab from the very outside and bottom strands and keep the hair inside and just do a regular french braid down. Then just leave desired amount of hair out. Supposed to be moderately loose and not pulled tight until you get to the bottom.

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By Miss Louie. This is a perfect tutorial for women with really deep, big creases. This eye reminds me of Penelope Cruz- it's so sultry! The thing I really loved about this tutorial is how they outlined the crease with eyeliner to provide clear guidance for the rest of the eye. This look is very dramatic and well executed. Super clean lines! @Bloom.com

Are you looking for a great smokey eye tutorial that will bring out your wonderful eyes perfectly? Try out this smokey eye tutorial for beginners.

DIY Brown Sugar Scrub: -- ½ cup of brown sugar --  2 tablespoons of almond oil or olive oil -- 5 drops of honey

DIY Brown Sugar Scrub Recipe

DIY Brown Sugar Scrub : · ½ cup of brown sugar 2 tablespoons of almond oil or olive oil · 5 drops of honey · 3 to 5 drops of your favorite essential oil (optional

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Weddbook ♥ One nail different color trend. Creative and unique wedding nail design. Lace bridal nails with crystals (via cute polish) - French bridal nail designs.

Best Drugstore Beauty Products Under $10

100+ Drugstore Beauty Steals, All Under $10

When it comes to your makeup bag, drugstore beauty is, well, a beautiful thing. From face wipes to lip balms to frizz serums, we've rounded up our favorite

Mashed Potatoes with Mascarpone & Chives

Like your mashed potatoes silky smooth? Try this recipe from Sunset Magazine: milk, Greek yogurt, chives, and mascarpone swirled into velvety russet potatoes.

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