Polka dot tights!

Polka dot tights, linen dress and vintage boots. Love, love, love the polka dot tights!

Bow coat.

Winter Fashion Inspiration Love this coat! Very cute and perfect for the winter romance scene!

Fine and Feathered autumn fall fashion green skirt embroidery brown cardigan. Love this color combo!

Love this look

The top of the shirt will draw more attention to my face, the best to my waist, and the skirt flares in a way to give my pear shape excellent movement on the bottom. I like the polka dots!

Perfect for those gardeners and indoor plant enthusiasts.

What a perfect excuse for avoiding unnecessary social interactions. This shirt is a perfect gift for gardeners and indoor plant enthusiasts.

Perfect gift for an artist

Color Wheel Pendant

1.5 enamel pin / Wednesday Addams fan art She meets your gaze and plainly states I AM SMILING Designed by me and manufactured to my specs. You are purchasing the pin directly from the artist! Great gift for people who hate smiling; or hate being told to smile even more

Wednesday Enamel Pin

Bow-tied stretch cotton satin dress

Customizable beautiful dresses that can be made to fit anyone, or even have the style of it tweaked to anyone's preference. This ones a really gorgeous deep navy with a bow! - I this Bow-tied stretch cotton satin dress from eShakti