Button Sorting Cups. Currently the kiddos aren't much interested in sorting, but if I came across these materials cheaply, I might try it out on them. They loved the coin game and this would feel similar to them, I think.

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44 Toddler Friendly Recipes--for all of those Moms struggling with meal ideas or picky eaters.

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Potty training idea - put blue food coloring in the water when they pee it turns green. Potty magic! My little girl thought this was so fun!. . .Watch This - Potty Training, Potty training In 3 Day, Potty Training Boys, Start Potty Training. Click Image to Watch The Video NOW!!!

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this method is how the rest of the world introduces food to children (and how Western culture did as well before Gerber made us think we needed special baby food).

One of the best things you can do for your child is teach them good dental habits early on in life. Here are 12 tips for keeping your baby o...

i'm thinking this would work for sippy cups and snack containers too Small Fry & Co.: Baby stuff

Hugaboo Plush Baby Support Seat // Allows Hands Free Time for Mom & Helps Baby to Learn How to Sit! #brilliant

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